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seralea® – a new kind of facelift

Experience seralea® as a new kind of facelift – without surgery. Thread lifting with our innovative 4D technology is a gentle lifting method for all those who wish to look younger and have firmer skin. This gentle facial rejuvenation procedure preserves the natural features of your face. And the result? You immediately look fresher and at the same time benefit from longer-lasting effects. Without time-consuming preparation, without surgery and without general anaesthesia.

  • Visible effect: immediately after the treatment
  • Low-pain: thanks to a minimally invasive procedure
  • Low-risk: requires only local anaesthesia
  • Tight skin: long-lasting action
  • Individual: can be applied repeatedly
Fadenlifting mit seralea® | Facelift | Gesichtsstraffung | Anti Aging | Faltenbehandlung

Which areas of application are suitable for a thread lift?

You don't feel "ready" for a complex facelift, but some wrinkles do bother you? Thread lifting with seralea® is a highly suitable option for all those for whom major cosmetic surgery would be premature or out of the question. Areas of application for seralea® are versatile, regardless of whether you wish to reduce forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth, in the décolleté or in other parts of the body. Where would you like to see the lifting effects?

Fadenlifting mit seralea® | Anwendungsgebiet
Fadenlifting mit seralea® | Anwendungsgebiet
Fadenlifting mit seralea® | Anwendungsgebiet

Exclusively in medical practices: seralea® thread lifting

seralea® is a premium quality product of SERAG-WIESSNER. We deliver our thread lifting products exclusively to doctors, so that optimal results can be achieved in combination with professional treatment. For satisfied, beaming customers.

Fadenlifting mit seralea® von SERAG-WIESSNER | Ärzte

SERAG-WIESSNER: medical know-how from 150 years of experience 

Our company combines many years of experience with innovative ideas. As the oldest German manufacturer of surgical sutures, we have in-depth know-how in the medical field. With seralea®, we are introducing this knowledge and our standards of quality into aesthetic medicine. Our products are ideal for excellent thread lifting results. Countless specialists already rely on this.

Fadenlifting mit seralea® von SERAG-WIESSNER

The seralea® network for doctors

We offer a unique partner network for all those who perform treatment with seralea® in their practice. Members can expect mutual exchange within the circle of experts – with regard to thread lifting experiences, new products, advertising measures and more – in addition to regular training and ongoing education. Are you a doctor and would you like to work with high-quality thread lifting products? At seralea® you are at the right place.

Fadenlifting mit seralea® von SERAG-WIESSNER | Netzwerk für Ärzte