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Look younger with our high-quality seralea® thread lifting

Would you like firmer skin and contours without major surgery? The gentle seralea® thread lifting is the premium method for everyone desiring a fresh, younger look – minimally invasive and gentle. Trust in our decades of experience and innovative products of uncompromising medical quality. Treatment with seralea® is offered exclusively by trained doctors. For immediately visible results on the face, neck and body – as individual as yourself.

  • Reduction of wrinkles through lifting, tightening and volume creation
  • Immediately visible results
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Little or no downtime
  • Repeatable at any time
  • Can be combined with other aesthetic facial treatments or applied as a pre-stage
  • Slowing down the aging process of the skin
Beaming beautifully with high-quality seralea® thread lifting
"It motivates us to receive so much praise and recognition from medical users and their patients for our commitment to aesthetic medicine and to be able to offer products that achieve such great results in wrinkle treatment."

Jörg Günther


Fadenlifting mit seralea® – die neue Art des Faceliftings

How does wrinkle treatment with seralea® work?

Your skin loses collagen and elastin over the course of your life. This leads to an older and tired appearance. During the aging process, more and more wrinkles become visible. The skin sags. Are you looking for a way to counteract these signs of aging? Thread lifting with seralea® is your way to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Natural results with PDO threads and 4D technology

Thread lifting stimulates the production of new collagen and smoothens and tightens the skin. During treatment, the PDO threads are inserted directly under the skin (subcutaneously) using very fine cannulas; irregularities are levelled out (volume creation) and small wrinkles are tightened with the barbed threads (lifting). The thread dissolves after 180 to 210 days, but the tissue structure remains firm for a long time after that.

Versatile for tightening the face, décolleté and body

Thread lifting with seralea® can be used to treat small imperfections or signs of aging without surgery. For firm skin and defined contours, a team of experts has developed an innovative product for aesthetic medicine that ensures individual, long-lasting results – on many areas of the body.

Fadenlifting mit seralea® | Anwendungsgebiete
"I have been using sutures from SERAG-WIESSNER for my surgical procedures for many years because I am convinced of their high quality. It's great that SERAG-WIESSNER is now meeting these requirements with seralea® in aesthetic medicine as well."

Dr Thomas Hohe

Surgeon (Lohr am Main)

Why is thread lifting with seralea® a method with a future?

Our skin begins to age visibly from the age of 30. Although thread lifting cannot stop this aging process, it can slow it down by several years. This gentle alternative to traditional scalpel facelifts allows you to look younger and firmer – but without surgery. Are you curious and still have questions?

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