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FAQ area dealing with thread lifting with seralea®

Are you interested in thread lifting but still have a few questions? Our FAQ section will provide you with answers to questions that are frequently asked and keep coming up. If you have specific questions about the procedure or the thread lifting options, it is best to contact your medical practice directly. There, you will receive expert and individual advice and information.

It is suitable for everyone who does not wish to undergo a complex facelift or is afraid of a surgical intervention under general anaesthesia. For warnings and contraindications, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use. Download instructions for use .

The thread lifting treatment can be carried out without complex preparation and under local anaesthesia. Depending on the application, different threads are used. Which threads are suitable for you and how they work will be discussed with you in advance at the medical practice.

Depending on the area treated, thread lifting takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Local swelling and temporary pain may occur immediately after the treatment. However, these complaints usually resolve simply by cooling the part of the body or face. Before conducting the thread lift, your doctor will discuss with you the potential risks and side effects in detail. For detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Depending on the scope of treatment, you can return to work immediately or after 3 days at the latest.

  • Application: The threads are inserted and trigger an endogenous response.
  • Regeneration: The cells deal with the exogenous thread material and, in doing so, form collagen.
  • Absorption: This process is amplified by the gradual dissolution of the thread.
  • Neocollagenesis: The new collagen formed in the process provides the lasting 4D effect.

The first positive results, such as the 3D effect, are visible immediately after treatment. The 4D effect, i.e. the complete success of the treatment, becomes apparent after 6 to 8 weeks in the course of the thread resorption. The result lasts much longer. In individual cases, visible results of up to 2 years were documented by the attending doctors.

PDO threads are absorbable. That is, they dissolve in the body after 180 to 210 days. The volume effect remains beyond that.

The so-called PDO threads consist of polydioxanone. This material has been used successfully as suture material in surgery for decades. It is completely broken down and metabolised by the body.

The procedure can be repeated or performed in several steps without any problems and can also be combined with other lifting-filling methods. In order to achieve a perfect result, lifting with seralea® 4D technology should only be carried out by specially trained doctors.

SERAG-WIESSNER supplies its product exclusively to doctors who have sound anatomical and medical knowledge and have been trained accordingly.

The cost of thread lifts depends entirely on the area to be treated. Your practice will explain the individual costs to you. Our doctor search will show you the practices that offer treatment with seralea®.

Allergies to absorbable suture material can exist in rare cases. Otherwise, caution is advised only during pregnancy.
For warnings and contraindications, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use. Download instructions for use .

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