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Thread lifting for skin rejuvenation – discover the areas of application

Would you like tighter contours and a fresher appearance? Innovative thread lifting with seralea® is the answer. Because the areas of application for skin rejuvenation by thread lifting are diverse. Small imperfections and fine wrinkles can be plumped up with the anti-aging treatment. And there are far more options than just face lifting with PDO threads. High-quality seralea® thread lifting is also suitable for other areas of the body that show undesirable signs of aging.

On which parts of the body can thread lifting be used?

  • Face
  • Neck and décolleté
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms and chest
  • Abdomen
  • Knees and thighs

Look younger with the 4D effect of thread lifting

The gentle wrinkle treatment with PDO threads is the optimal procedure for everyone who wants lifting without surgery. Regardless of whether you want to fill out forehead wrinkles or get rid of pronounced nasolabial folds – seralea® can be used in a highly versatile manner. The cheeks, small saggy jowls, the chin or lower jaw line are also popular areas of application for the lifting method. seralea® embodies not just a product, but a whole treatment method for gently lifting and filling different parts of the body.

Thread lifting for men

The facial rejuvenation method is not just for women. On the contrary! Especially for men, the minimally invasive thread lift is an uncomplicated method, for example for tightening the facial contours. Your trusted thread lifting specialist can treat skin blemishes such as bags under your eyes or nasolabial folds in just a few minutes and without long downtimes. Let a professional advise you on how you can achieve more distinctive contours and more youthful skin with the seralea® 4D technology.

Fadenlifting für Männer mit seralea®

Look younger now – without surgery

Say goodbye to unwelcome signs of aging like marionette lines or a sagging jawline. Find a medical practice near you that works with our high-quality seralea® products.

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